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  • TM and Their oblivion of OKU Packages.

    I was baffled by the way TM treated an OKU recently. My friend, Peter has his OKU application filed at TM Point. The TM Point near his place was not OKU friendly and there is no provision of access for OKU! Needless to say those useless bastards who park their cars at OKU designated parking […]

  • Wanted Notice

    This is a notice for TM to all Sarawakian TM user. Please be alert that this lady has been cheating people, in particularly people in Serian region. She portrayed herself as a TM Staff and/or agent and has been taking deposit from ignorant users by offering them TM range of services. She has also been […]

  • the demised of

    Browsing failed, nslookup failed, call center (100) failed, call center (1300889515) failed. My dear Jeremy Kung, What’s working?

  • Ken has left the Building

    I heard that Ken has left the Building.

  • Streamyx to scream

    Have anyone noticed that streamyx is extremely slow these days?