a stupid couple

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A stupid couple has been harassing me last few days through a funeral details and some activities I have planned. I wonder why they don’t give up? I have had their phone barred and they kept calling using public phones, and new prepaid numbers… To this couple, please lah, get a life. I need my peace and quiet without you two goons disturbing me… Ok, well taken cared of.

The Hospital

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Well, Kementerian Kesihatan are blaming the people for occupying the Emergency and Out-Patient department that causes the Emergency case to be delayed. This is ridiculous. The actual problem is the standard op procedures at A&E whereby there is no continuous workflow and worse, there is no contiguous attention to the emergency. There is a better solution from what was suggested that out-patients are to be removed from the A&E. The problem is, who is going to play god in this case? The minister? the clerk at the counter? I think there is a need to make the workflow at the A&E to be continuous and contiguous. If the Kementerian wish to get my input, you are always welcomed.

I’m back!

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Finally, I have the time to fix my apache2 and move it into one of the hadoop node. Let’s see what we can add now to the new platform…

I’m Back!

Aviation incident at Kudat

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Both Malaysia Airlines and Maswings facebook page has gone grey for the lost of live on board one ill-fated flight from Kota Kinabalu to Kudat. Condolences to the families of the demised and a tragic lost to Maswings.



The Tonnage has decreased to maintain cost.

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A work site has a shocking news today. Because the contract is fixed on the price, the supplier has to decrease the tonnage of the goods supplied just to maintain cost within the agreed range. While it is not all roses, one thing the truckers is happy is that they get to carry lesser number of loads and earn the same amount. The rosier part of this is that the same amount of money could not buy the amount of goods needed, thus I foresee that cost of building structure will increase very soon.