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  • Proton Prevé…..pee ve.

    As Proton strife to prove that Proton City is still able, as in a saga to producing cars when all numbers didn’t add up while sagas continues, they tried really hard to put this show up for all. Office politically driven, Group of Engineers from the Elite team has decided to move their expert operation […]

  • Get HeadHunted?

    Looking into the change management paper of my last student, I could not help but to wonder what has happened to the Malaysian Job Market. An analysis concluded by this Japanese student on the two targetted head hunters shows that most if not all did not state qualification minimum above graduates. I have recently chat […]

  • interviewed by someone!

    Last week, I have a call from a PR company working on bloggers that blogs about political and social issue. The reason they called for the interview is to gauge something for their client(s) on how Sarawak is doing in terms of satisfaction. Grinding on the issue of how “unsatisfying” a Sarawakian would be, the […]

  • the #yorais phenomenon

    What started as a show of mixed role he played as the minister for both culture and communications turns out to be a PR nightmare for the Information minister. For the very start, It is utterly uncomprehensible to have a minister in charge of information and communications to give that kind of comment. as sighted […]

  • “Dr Liow” come to the senses.

    Finally he has come to senses to allow RIDT.