Tag: Cultural

  • Reinventing Tuak – #iheartborneo

    3 couchsurfers who is bunking at my house over the weekend went into overdrive on foodscapade, those guys at Tandemic has been wowing at the food all over Kuching.

  • A free bird at last

    Spending one day in Kuching trying out all the various food available and including visit to local cafe, Our visitors has a good closure last night before boarding the plane back to KL. A quick trip to several local food courts has confirmed that nothing beats a local host who can bring them to dine […]

  • “Uncaged” a bird back to mother nature.

    After a day of wine and pine, our four visitors down at SCV was uncaged. The fact remains that they felt they were caged in the first instance was due to their isolation from the convenience of modern civilisations. Much to their realisation, they are beginning to felt like they can survived. I can see […]