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  • The makan scene in Kuching

    I have met a lot of food operator since I have step back into the food scene in 2010. What I’ve seen can be categorically arranged into a few behavioral group. I’m not gonna touch on the good ones as they have earned our commendations and appreciations. What i’m going to touch which is in […]

  • wah! now here is a trackback!

    woot! was caught in the act here… hehe Hoped you all enjoyed the food there that night. Thanks :0) For note, Kuching’s life style is liken to it’s food, It is truly light and easy for us. Most of the food is made out of necessity, like the Matterhorn made for a Brit who is […]

  • A free bird at last

    Spending one day in Kuching trying out all the various food available and including visit to local cafe, Our visitors has a good closure last night before boarding the plane back to KL. A quick trip to several local food courts has confirmed that nothing beats a local host who can bring them to dine […]

  • Mocha compared

    I have been taking in Mocha like mad lately. Love them all. Of all the places I went to, I love the mocha from Starbucks the most. The one from Singapore is much better than the syrup from Malaysia. It is supposed to be delicious as what I would reckon. My second choice would be […]

  • close call

    I was at Open air market with my dad, cuz, uncle and aunt for some supper. After I left the place and sent them home, I went back to pick up my wallet which I accidentally dropped and picked up by a friend operating a store there. When I’ve reached the place the second time […]