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  • Carbon Credit’s call

    http://climateavenue.com/cdm.carbon.malaysia.htm http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/5/1/business/6161136 A lot we read about carbon footprint and carbon credit. In particularly the Carbon Credit. Though in the past year, our Prime Minister has quoted that Malaysia projecting the reduction of Carbon footprint by 40% in the next 9 years to come, It is hard for some quarters to take as they said […]

  • Firefly: Fuel Saving by not implementing Fuel Surcharges

    Much of the Press Releases by FY in June is on the fuel surcharges. Looking at the Business Realignment plan in the fix since April 2011, FY has insist that there won’t be fuel surcharges without telling the world that they are to cancel those flights of theirs after some share swapping and shrinking exercise. […]

  • The fuel jinx

    I was surprise sometimes ago when the price of fuel hiked, some operators are complaining to customer at the pump here saying that the increase is eating into their profit. This is odd, the two and a half gas suppliers here in Sarawak are not feeling the pinch at all. Back when this happen, Both […]

  • Put the fuse on the fuel.

    at 10:24pm last night, The government has announced another round of price realignment with the market value for RON97 against the market crude oil pricing, pushing the price up to RM 2.50 per litre premium. In light of the economic crisis of late, government seems to “realign” a lot on the fuel price. Ok, now […]

  • Fishy Business!

    While the rough sea warning goes on as the wave in the sea came up high, Fishermen of the country has taken the opportunity to hold a “Strike” which caused their cost of Diesel to drop to RM 1.30 per liter starting 16 Dec. What a day isn’t it?… Now will it actually cost the […]