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  • Quench the Internet in Malaysia

    I was shocked to read the news coming in whole morning till now that our right honourable PM has said on international forum that Malaysia is forming regulatory guidelines on Internet. Measures includes guidelines for online publications and registry of bloggers!

  • Streamyx to scream

    Have anyone noticed that streamyx is extremely slow these days?

  • Boycott USA??? Are you sure?

    I was baffled by the call from our Tun Chedet to boycott the use of US of A products or anything that is measured by US$. Now, let me see, You use a PC powered by CPU from US of A, don’t use the CPU. Your computer cannot functioned anymore.  You use internet that is […]

  • TM User Group

    I am forming a TM User Group for round 2. The first TM user group as carried out by Michael Lai prior to his exit from TM Net has been iced since his exit. I felt that the user should know the inside of the TM operation and with my recent encounter with TM, I […]