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The makan scene in Kuching

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I have met a lot of food operator since I have step back into the food scene in 2010. What I’ve seen can be categorically arranged into a few behavioral group. I’m not gonna touch on the good ones as … Continue reading

4 Types Rogue Road Users in Kuching!

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It is now a social issue! There seems to be different loads of road users on the roads these days. 1. Young Hooligans I met one this morning, driving a modified Honda Civic – “type-R”?? This bunch of youngsters on … Continue reading

wah! now here is a trackback!

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woot! was caught in the act here… hehe Hoped you all enjoyed the food there that night. Thanks :0) For note, Kuching’s life style is liken to it’s food, It is truly light and easy for us. Most of the … Continue reading

The aftermath

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Been cleaning up and fixing up things at home for the last couple of days. Still there are more things to clean than that I have expected. Damages is estimated to be around RM 1.5K. Most of them are perishable. … Continue reading

close call

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I was at Open air market with my dad, cuz, uncle and aunt for some supper. After I left the place and sent them home, I went back to pick up my wallet which I accidentally dropped and picked up … Continue reading