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  • Nasi Lemak 2.0 vs 5 poisons

    I’m always a lover of good local films. one part I enjoy are the local culture and practices depicted in them. One one hand one do have the freedom of expression on what they have in their mind about the happenings, I would not agree with the way utusan Malaysia (hereinafter be called the 5 […]

  • “Dr Liow” come to the senses.

    Finally he has come to senses to allow RIDT.

  • Medical issue – How Malaysia Tackles it,

    This is what happened when you put a non-medical personnel on a medical decision board. Though the drug is good in itself to treat flu, but itself has also carries a lot of side-effect which was neglected. Usually used with Probenecid, Malaysia Government only provide Tamiflu for the cure. Will there be a follow up […]

  • different way of winning.

    If you know that you are in a three parts race for the top and that you have around 1/3 of the people behind you, and that your arch-rival can secure 1/2, will you be kind enough to buy some of your arch-rival supporters to vote for the third opponent?

  • fermented vs rotten

    When coming to choose food, one will ways take the good ones rather than those with profound smells. However, when one has only two choices in hand to choose between fermented and rotten, 99.9% will jump into the fermented pool and start chowing down. Even though they knew that too much fermented good will cause […]