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JAC – Judiciary Reform or Justice is Lost to the politician?

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*** This posting is my personal opinion on the whole situations on JAC. Reader discretion is advised. The formation of JAC by our honourable PM. Though it is for a noble cause from certain people’s view, personally, I would think … Continue reading

The future

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with the fuel price rocketing high yesterday on the largest single day increase, I could only say that the future will be a tough one. what I can see are followed by a lot of uncertainty. I was having lunch … Continue reading

What if

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During some talks with some prominent figures, it hits me to think what if Malaysia is lead by a Chinese or Indian leader? I am not a racist or anything. I am just thinking of the fact as shown when … Continue reading

Demise of TM Net SIG

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I am calling this the demise of TM Net SIG. After learning that the budget from TM Net back in 2006 right after Michael Lai has left, was used up within 2 weeks time for TM Net User group. Seeing … Continue reading