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  • What happened in Malaysia 2010?

    Ok! I am blunt again! Though still a cucumber from the prescribed Xanax after been psyched by child porn in Malaysia yesterday on Facebook! T’was the nigh of the end of years and I couldn’t help but to recap back on what has happened in Malaysia year 2010! First of all, after jumping from an award winning […]

  • different way of winning.

    If you know that you are in a three parts race for the top and that you have around 1/3 of the people behind you, and that your arch-rival can secure 1/2, will you be kind enough to buy some of your arch-rival supporters to vote for the third opponent?

  • fermented vs rotten

    When coming to choose food, one will ways take the good ones rather than those with profound smells. However, when one has only two choices in hand to choose between fermented and rotten, 99.9% will jump into the fermented pool and start chowing down. Even though they knew that too much fermented good will cause […]

  • The future

    with the fuel price rocketing high yesterday on the largest single day increase, I could only say that the future will be a tough one. what I can see are followed by a lot of uncertainty. I was having lunch with the runner up of CEO of the year over the week end and this […]

  • 1 down 29 more to go

    That’s was last Monday when Election Court ruled against BN winning the seats in Sabah. …… now Anwar has another 31 in his hand. We shall see.