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Wikipedia – Sarawak

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It looks apparent that for the last 48 hours or so, someone is too eager to be the CM of Sarawak. As depicted in the screen capture below A check into the Wiki History shows that someone have been trying … Continue reading

Our flag!

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Every time I stared at a Sarawak Flag, I will either think that this guy is a patriot or this guy is a┬átyrant. For one thing that I’ve noticed, most of the time, people did not realised that they are … Continue reading

Budget! Y Sabah?

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It was not that politicians in Sabah are good at lobbying, nor was it about significant of Sabah to the current government, or was it? Ok, this is the equation. During the recent budget, many projects and perks was mentioned … Continue reading

Sarawak very own heavenly Liberica Coffee

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most if not all would not have known that here in Sarawak, we have our own home grown coffee. while a lot of people would loved to grab some Arabia, Robusta, or some java beans, the much neglected Liberica from … Continue reading

Defeated by Social Media

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Most politicians I knew would ride on printed media to make their charade and tell their story of them working their ass off in a public display. However, come Sarawak State election 2011, the platform has changed. Things that politician … Continue reading